General Plan 2035

The City is in the process of updating the Land Use, Circulation, Conservation and Open Space Elements of the Shasta Lake General Plan. 

Land Use

The Land Use Element and Circulation Map constitute the physical framework for the General Plan and designates the proposed location, distribution and extent of land uses.  Land use classifications specify a range for population density for each type of residential land use.  These standards of population density and commercial and industrial intensity allow for the determination of circulation and public facility needs. 


In addition to the provision of public services and facilities, an efficient and maintained road circulation system is key to the orderly development of the City.  A balanced transportation system must not only serve the needs of vehicular traffic, but must also serve the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians.  As the City grows, connections between neighborhoods, commercial, and industrial areas need to serve the transportation needs of all residents and businesses.


The Conservation Element consists of Mineral Resources, Energy and Water Resources and Quality.  It is critical to conserve and protect all surface and groundwater in the City so all residents and businesses have assurances than an adequate quantity and quality of water exists.  The City also is committed to conserving nonrenewal energy sources and exploring options for renewable resources, including solar projects.

Open Space; Parks and Recreation

Open space and parks and recreation areas are key to the development of the City.  Open space, bike and trail routes, and floodplains need to be carefully integrated with existing and proposed land uses to preserve natural habitat and provide visual quality throughout the City.  

The General Plan Update project includes a thorough review of the current General Plan (1999) to determine which of the Objectives, Policies and Implementation Measures are no longer applicable or need to be amended.  Additional Objectives, Policies and Implementation Measures will be developed to reflect the current needs of the City.

The 1999 General Plan can be reviewed here:  1999 General Plan

The City's Current Housing Element, which includes housing goals, policies and programs, can be reviewed here:  Housing Element - Planning Period January 1, 2014 - June 30, 2019

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