Shasta Lake Downtown Redevelopment Project

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The City of Shasta Lake and K2 Development Company, Inc. (ADK Properties, LLC) is seeking funding from Round 5 of the State of California Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program.    The purpose of the AHSC program is to reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions through projects that implement land-use, housing, transportation, and agricultural land preservation practices to support infill and compact development, that will support related and coordinated public policy objectives, including Affordable Housing Development, Housing-Related Infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure, and Transportation-Related Amenities. 

The project consists of a mixed use development along the north and south sides of Shasta Dam Boulevard that includes 49 units of affordable housing totaling approximately 52,918sf and 7,500sf of commercial space. This project will consider various exceptions to municipal code sections including, but not limited to; parking, structural height, density, and tree replacement.

Location: APN 005-250-059, 005-250-007, 005-250-008, 005-250-063, 007-010-008, 007-010-096 and 007-010-009, 4617 Shasta Dam Boulevard, Shasta Lake, CA

The following pictures are preliminary and not final.

Questions or comments on the Project can be directed to:

City of Shasta Lake

Attn:  Peter Bird, Senior Planner

Phone: (530) 275-7430