2020 Proposed Changes to Chapter 12.36 Tree Ordinance

The City of Shasta Lake Planning Commission  will conduct a public hearing to consider recommending that the City Council approve text amendments to Chapter 12.36 (Tree Conservation) of the City of Shasta Lake Municipal Code. The purpose of the proposed amendments is intended to better address urban tree protection, as well as provide improvements to permitting practices and standards on a city-wide basis. It is the intent of the City that the ordinance modifications will retain and enhance where practical the City’s tree canopy and protection of mature trees. The proposed revisions would support the environmental benefits of tree conservation as well as the social and economic benefits that can be derived from a healthy and diverse urban tree canopy, while also ensuring efficient provision of services to city residents and the protection of public safety through the reduction in the potential for wildland fires in a rapidly changing climate.

Summary of Changes

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration

Current Tree Ordinance Chapter 12.36_Tree Conservation  

Proposed Changes/Amendment to Chapter 12.36 Tree Conservation 

If you have any questions or comments regarding the proposed ordinance, please contact Peter Bird:  (530) 275-7416 or email @ pbird@cityofshastalake.org