Street Rehabilitation and Maintenance

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The City is responsible for maintaining approximately 59 centerline miles of paved streets within Shasta Lake.  Most general maintenance activities (pothole repairs, minor patching, culvert replacement) are completed by the Public Works Department, with larger rehabilitation and repair projects being bid out to contractors.

The City maintains a Pavement Management System (PMS) that tracks the condition of every paved street segment in the City’s street network.   The PMS is updated approximately every five years, and includes the results of a visual assessment that is conducted using the following distress types:

  • Alligator Cracking (Fatigue)
  • Block Cracking
  • Distortions
  • Longitudinal and Transverse Cracking
  • Patching and Utility Cut Patching
  • Rutting and Depression
  • Raveling
  • Weathering

The PMS visual assessment results in each street segment being assigned a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Rating.  The PCI Rating, on a 100-1 scale with 100 being the best, allows staff to compare streets in terms of overall condition and determine what type of work is required to rehabilitate a given street.  The average PCI Rating citywide was 58 in 2019.

The City’s Pavement Management Plan can be reviewed here

Generally, the City’s street maintenance program is severely underfunded.   The City receives approximately $300,000 annually that is available for paving projects, and there is currently a deferred maintenance backlog of approximately $27M.  City staff pursues every available funding opportunity for infrastructure work and has been fairly successful over time.

YearStreet LocationsProject Cost
2009ARRA Street Improvements
Twin View Blvd (Paving, Microsurfacing), Cascade Blvd (Paving, Microsurfacing), Grand Coulee Blvd (Microsurfacing), Mussel Shoals Ave (Microsurfacing)
$393,000 (ARRA Grant Funding)

2009Cascade Blvd Realignment Project
Realigned Cascade Blvd North @ Pine Grove Ave

$1,176,000 (Redevelopment Agency / Gas Tax)

2010Street Improvements 2010

Paved various streets in Coeur D’Alene Subdivision

$321,000 (Prop 1B)

2011Street Improvements 2011

Paved various streets throughout Shasta Lake, including Summit City

$2,200,000 (Redevelopment Agency Funds, expired 6/30/11)

2012Grand River Paving

Paved Grand River Ave, SR151 to Red Bluff Ave

$104,100 (Gas Tax)

2016Ashby Road Improvements

Paved Ashby Rd, Pine Grove Ave to SR 151

$763,100 (Gas Tax)

2018Cascade Blvd Improvements

Paved Cascade Blvd, Grand Coulee Blvd to SR 151

$385,700 (SB1)

2019Pine Grove Avenue Improvements
◦Grind and pave to improve ride quality, Pine Grove Ave, Ashby Rd to I-5

$419,000 (Gas Tax, SB1)

2021Street Improvements 2021

Lake Boulevard , Red Bud Lane to North City Limits; Hill Boulevard, Lake Boulevard to Ranchera Road; Miscellaneous striping at various locations

Estimate $500,000 (General Fund and Gas Tax)
2021Street Rehabilitation 2021
Complete Street List
Estimate $3,389,204 (CDBG Funds, Gas Tax)
2022Street Improvements 2022
Complete Street List
Estimate $1,740,000 (General Fund and Gas Tax)
2023 (New)Street Improvements 2023Estimate $1,275,000.00 (General Fund and Gas Tax)

If you have questions about the City’s street rehabilitation and maintenance program, please contact the Public Works Department at (530) 275-7400.