Current Projects

CA Parks Per Capita Program

Bizz Johnson Ball Field

ARPA Parks and Recreation Projects

Clair Engle Park Playground

The California Parks and Recreation Per Capita Program is funded through the Parks and Water Bond Act of 2018 (Proposition 68). Funds were offered to local governments on a per capita basis for local park rehabilitation, creation, and improvements. The city of Shasta Lake received an allocation of $177,952. The City Council designated the funds to be used for renovation of the Wynn Price and Bizz Johnson ball parks, including renovation of existing bathroom and concession stand, backstop/net, batting cage, and storage shed at Wynn Price, and renovation of existing concession stand, replacement of bleachers at Bizz Johnson. Projects must be completed by December 2023.

The City of Shasta Lake expects to receive $2.49 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). City Council appropriated $100,000 of the ARPA funds to support local non-profits; and designated the remaining $2.39 million to fund parks and recreation projects. The City is currently in the community outreach phase to determine potential projects to be funded. For more information, visit the ARPA Parks and Recreation Projects webpage, or visit the Parks and Recreation Facebook page.