Water Rebates and Resources


Water Conservation Items Available to Our Water Customers:

Water customers are allowed to pick up various indoor and outdoor water conservation items available at our font customer service counter at City Hall (4477 Main St. Shasta Lake, CA 96019). Proof of water service is required at time of pick up.

FREE - Water Audits, Leak Identification Assistance, and Landscape Surveys:

Water customers can schedule an appointment for Free Water Audits, Leak Identification Assistance, and Landscape Surveys. To inquire about these services, please contact our customer service department at 530-275-7400. To schedule an appointment, please contact Efficiency Services Group at 855-516-2105.

Residential Water Conservation Rebate(s):

The City of Shasta Lake offers the following Water Conservation Rebates/Programs (active until all funding is exhausted):

TypeFinal ConditionRebate
High performance low flush toilet, replacing standard model toiletWater Sense Label$100/unit
High performance clothes washerWater Factor 5 or less$100/unit
Automatic irrigation controller replacing manually controlled modelWater Sense Labeled$100/unit

If you are interested in submitting a rebate for one or more of these items, please complete and submit the following application: Residential Water Conservation Rebate Application (PDF)

Additional Resources:

Every Drop Counts - Reduce your use: A brochure that includes effective water conservation tips, courtesy of Ann Morningstar, Shasta Lake Gateway Library, can be viewed here: Water Conservation Tips Brochure (PDF)

QuietHut Website


This site, published by the California Urban Water Conservation Council, includes the top 5 ways to reduce water use around your home. There is also a link to user-friendly tools and landscape templates.

Home Advisor:

This website includes: Ideas for saving water inside and outside; Water saving tips just for kids;

Save Our Water Website

Conserves Website



These websites provide water conservation ideas and informational articles.

Water Education Foundation:
Provides educational information and links to water-related resources. Includes educational materials for school programs.