General Plan Interim Zoning Ordinance

A new Shasta Lake General Plan has been adopted and is now in effect. The General Plan is referred to as the City's "constitution" for growth and development. The new Shasta Lake General Plan establishes development goals and policies that will govern community growth and development over the next 20 years.


To implement the new Plan, the City has also recently adopted an interim zoning ordinance. This ordinance addresses inconsistencies between the City’s current zoning plan and the new General Plan. The interim zoning plan will guide development approvals until the comprehensive update of the Shasta Lake zoning ordinance, which is currently underway, can be completed.


The interim zoning plan is necessary because of differences between the 2040 Plan policies, and the permitting and development standards of the current Title 17 – Zoning, which was adopted in 1997 following the incorporation of the city.

Areas designated for "mixed-use" development and higher-density residential development require zoning standards that do not exist in the community’s current zoning plan. Additionally, the 2040 General Plan permits greater levels of commercial and industrial development on a property than the existing zoning regulations allow. The new zoning plan must also integrate recent changes to the community’s Housing Element and Local Hazard Mitigation Plan policies. The interim zoning plan will help ensure that new development achieves the community vision for growth that is reflected in the 2040 General Plan.


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