Code Enforcement - Nuisance Abatement


The City of Shasta Lake is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and providing responsive services for our community. With this goal in mind, the Code Enforcement Division was developed to address concerns about unsafe, unhealthy or unsightly conditions in homes, neighborhoods and the entire community.

Code Enforcement Officers work in close association with the City of Shasta Lake Sheriff's Office, Planning, Building and Public Works Departments and other local agencies to maintain high community standards and address violations of the City of Shasta Lake Municipal Code. Through enforcement of these ordinances and with community awareness and involvement, Shasta Lake will continue to be a place everyone feels proud to call home.

Code Enforcement Officers will assist you in any way possible. However some issues may require referral to a different departments or agencies for resolution. City of Shasta Lake Code Enforcement cannot help citizens rectify the following problems:

  • Emergency situations that threaten human life or property and demand immediate attention - please call 911
  • Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions - (CC&R) violations
  • Private disputes between neighbors
  • Situations which are not specifically addressed in the City of Shasta Lake Municipal Code


The Code Enforcement Division's workload is complaint-generated. Each complaint filed with the City is investigated to determine whether a violation exists. Complaints must be submitted to the City in writing using the City's standard Complaint Form (PDF), and the identity of the complaining party is kept confidential.