It is the City of Shasta Lake's goal to provide access to safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy; at the lowest possible cost, consistent with sound business practices.

History and Load Data

The City incorporated in 1993 which included an electric enterprise formally known as the Shasta Dam Area Public Utility District which was established in 1945. The City is a load serving entity and distribution provider. The City owns and operates four small solar installations, the largest is 40 kilowatts and are located on City facilities. The City provides retail electric service to customers located within the City's corporate limits, as well as certain adjacent areas and serves approximately 4,600 retail customers (meters), of which approximately 4,260 are residential. Residential users account for approximately twenty percent of total retail sales. The City's power and energy requirements are greatly influenced by residential customers, with year-to-year variations in peak demand and energy sales representative, in part, of the effect of local weather conditions on the residential class usage patterns. The City's 2022 peak demand was 38.16 megawatts, occurring on July 28 at 6 PM, and 2022 energy use was 220.3 gigawatt-hours.