This department is responsible for the transmission substations, transmission lines, distribution lines, distribution transformers, secondary conductor, meters, and all associated hardware. The Electric Operations Department provides the safest and most reliable electric service possible, for both customers and developers.

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While every effort is made to make Shasta Lake the most reliable electric utility, outages do occur. The following picture illustrates how significant outages are prioritized.
Outage Prioritization

2015 GO165 Inspection Report

Type of Inspection by FacilityFacilities DueFacilities Outstanding
Overhead Detailed
Underground Detailed
Wood Pole Intrusive
System Patrol

Wildfire Mitigation Plan

State law requires all electric utilities to adopt a wildfire mitigation plan (WMP) to minimize the risk of overhead electric lines causing a catastrophic wildfire. The City adopted its first annual WMP on November 5, 2020 and had the plan reviewed by an independent third party whose report and findings were presented to the City Council on June 2, 2020. The current version of the WMP can be found at the following link: Current Wildfire Mitigation Plan.