The City’s NEM A-2 Program allows you to benefit from your renewable energy investments by saving you money on your electric bill. All permits and applications to install renewable generation equipment will be processed under the NEM A-2 Program, including installation on new construction. Rooftop solar is the most common way for customers to invest in renewable energy generation on their property. Customer-Generators may install systems no larger than 100% of the last 12-months of energy use recorded by the City’s electric meter. Customer-Generators with less than 12-months of energy use may install a system up to 2 Watts-DC per square foot of permitted livable space of record. New homes may install a system up to 2 Watts-DC per square foot of permitted livable space of record, or the system size required to meet Title 24, whichever is greater.


The City is accepting applications under its NEM A-2 Program where Customer-Generators (C-G) can benefit from producing their own electricity with distributed renewable generation equipment, such as rooftop solar. The C-G is responsible for the City’s cost to purchase and install an electric meter that satisfies the technical requirements of the NEM A-2 program. The City will determine if a meter replacement is required after a NEM A-2 application is received. If the existing meter satisfies the technical requirements, no meter-related charges will apply. The meter must be capable of measuring the C-G’s kWh consumption from the City’s electric grid, and in the event the energy generated by the equipment exceeds the energy consumed, measuring the kWh that the City receives back to the electric grid from the C-G’s equipment. All energy (kWh) delivered and received after the C-G serves its own instantaneous load with its equipment shall be measured by the multi-register meter. When you consume what you produce, you avoid paying retail electric rates. When you produce more than you need, the City will compensate you at the Net Surplus Compensation Rate for any energy received if you participate in the Net Surplus Program; and when you produce too little, the City will apply retail rates for the energy delivered to you based on applicable rates and rate structures. This is illustrated in this example. All billing is conducted and settled on a monthly basis. Additional information can be found in this question & answer document.

NEM Program Documents

If the NEM Program sounds interesting, here are some important documents that explain how everything works. If you have questions, you may email the City at 

Customer-Generator Interconnection Policy (PDF)

Net Energy Metering Program Tariff (PDF)

There are other factors to consider beside your energy bill.

  • Please consider consulting with a financial and/or tax adviser, especially to discuss whether you will qualify for Federal tax credit(s).
  • We recommend you explore energy efficiency improvements before you make this major investment. If you can reduce your energy usage before you buy, you may not need as big of a generation system. The City can assist with a free energy audit if you call 1-855-516-2105.
  • Solar can be an important long-term investment, so please consider the age of your roof. If it’s over 7 years old, you may want to do additional research.
  • Shop around. In general, it’s good to get multiple bids to see if you’re getting a competitive price.

Important Notes

The City processes applications to connect solar equipment using a two-step application process. First, the system retailer or installer must provide a complete application packet to the local electric utility. After this "interconnection application" is approved by the local electric utility, the system retailer or installer may proceed with the second step of the process, which is to apply for a building permit from the City's Development Services Department. The City's Electric Department's solar application forms are below. Any documents that are not filled out correctly, accurately, or are not signed by those who are on the electric account are not acceptable and will be delayed in processing. 

  1. The Electric Solar Application packet has 3 forms (Forms A, B, and C). A completed and signed IRS W-9 is required for C-Gs requesting to participate in the Net Surplus Program (see Form A, part 5). Please complete, sign, and date all forms. Please note, the City requires original signatures in blue or black ink. No digital signatures, e-signatures, or photocopies will be accepted. Forms A, B, and C are "fill-in" PDF documents. Forms may be completed by hand provided that writing is legible. Forms that are difficult to read will be returned for revision without review.
  2. Your contractor should submit the electric application packet, including  all supporting material, to the City Customer Service Desk (front counter at City Hall). If you or your contractor have any questions about the Electric Solar Application, please email
  3. Please be sure to remit all applicable fees when submitting the paperwork noted above. Consult with your contractor and review the application checklist on page 3 of the "Application Overview."
  4. Please be sure to include the CSI Standard Solar Calculator output report. The Electric Department cannot process any requests without it. If you are installing multiple arrays (e.g., panels facing different directions), then you must prepare one CSI report per array and include all copies with the packet.
  5. Allow the City Electric Department 30 days to perform its initial review of your application. If we have any questions or see any issues, Electric Department staff will get in touch with the Contractor’s point of contact listed on Form B directly. 
    • Applications that include any energy storage equipment may need additional review by Shasta Lake Fire Protection District and may require additional time and fees to complete the review process.
  6. Correction Process, if needed. 
    • Form B may be subject to changes and corrections, depending on the Electric Department’s review. Any required corrections will be identified by email to the Contractor’s point of contact identified on Form B.
    • Customer-Generator and/or Contractor are responsible for making the changes identified by the Electric Department at C-G and/or Contractor’s sole cost and expense.
  7. Once the application is deemed valid, Form B will be marked "Final" and dated by the Electric Department. An electronic copy of the final / approved system specifications will be provided to the Contractor’s point of contact listed on Form B.
  8. Contractor must submit a building permit application, with applicable review fees, to the Development Services Department (DSD). The system design submitted to DSD must match the system approved by the Electric Department. Please contact DSD staff for additional information about the building permit application and issuance process.
  9. Once the application process is complete and a building permit is issued, the Contractor can begin construction. Under no circumstances shall Customer-Generator, Contractor or any affiliates tamper with or remove the electric service meter or gain access to any electric panels on the utility side of the meter. The system installer shall not install any equipment (e.g., donut CTs) in the electric utility side of the metering cabinet nor shall the system utilize supply-side taps (a.k.a., line-side taps). Contact DSD to schedule disconnection / reconnection of electric service--non-city personnel are not to perform this function themselves.
  10. Contractor should contact the Development Services Department to schedule inspections when ready.
  11. The system cannot be energized until the City provides a signed Form C.