Planning Commission

Planning Commission

The Shasta Lake Planning Commission meets at 6:00 PM on the first Thursday of every month at the Shasta Lake City Council Chambers, 4488 Red Bluff Street, Shasta Lake, CA.

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Current Planning Commissioners

              TERM EXPIRATION

Darlene Brown (Chair)

Mobile: (530) 604-7771            e-mail:

February, 2022

Justin Jones

Mobile: (530) 691-3789        e-mail: 

December, 2024



February, 2022

Cherrel Kirkland (Vice Chair)

Mobile: (530) 510-9988          e-mail:

August, 2021

Randy Trotter 

Mobile: (559) 362-5720          e-mail: 

February, 2022


Contact Information:

City of Shasta Lake
PO Box 777
Shasta Lake, CA 96019