My street is gravel. When can I expect it to be paved?

Due to the City’s inability to adequately maintain the streets that are currently paved due to the revenue shortfalls discussed above, residents currently living in areas with unpaved streets should not expect those streets to be paved in the foreseeable future.  Alternative solutions exist, such as neighborhoods entering into an assessment district with the express intent being to reconstruct the street.  The costs for work completed by these types of districts are borne by the residents.

Unfortunately, bringing an unpaved street into the City’s maintained street inventory is not as simple as simply laying down asphalt.  In a typical application, the street structural section must be completely reconstructed to City standard to provide a final paved surface that will last for many years.  This typically means excavating and removing about 12” of material throughout the entire area and replacing it with compacted engineered fill prior to asphalt application.   Street reconstruction activities can cost nearly ten times as much simply rehabilitating an existing street.

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3. My street is gravel. When can I expect it to be paved?
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