* The Shasta Lake City Council and/or Planning Commission will hold meetings via livestream online (https://cityofshastalake.org/meetings) or view the recording any time after the meeting at the following website: https://cityofshastalake.org/meetings

* Per normal practice, City Council meetings are broadcast on the Wednesday following the meeting at 6 pm and the following Friday at 2 pm on Charter Channel 181.

* Submit public comment electronically before or during the meeting to publiccomments@cityofshastalake.org . Public comment by email will be read into the record during consideration of the item the comment addresses. Each public comment will be limited to three minutes of reading. Include the item number you are commenting on in the subject line of the email. Once the vote has taken place on an item, no additional public comments will be accepted.

* Submit public comment by mail addressed to City Clerk, City of Shasta Lake, PO Box 777, Shasta Lake, CA 96019. Mailed comments must be received one day prior to the meeting to be included.

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